1. What is INCISEON®? 


A: INCISEON® (in-size-eon) is a newly invented, revolutionary technology that retains the warmth and glow of glass tube neon. INCISEON® is made to order in the USA and is rigid and has a look very similar to glass tubes. It can be made into very complex shapes or used as accent lighting and has a minimum stroke width of 1/4" (6mm) and a minimum total depth of 5/8" (16mm). INCISEON® can be mounted using double-sided tape, studs, free-standing pedestal mount, or conventional neon tube supports. There is no other product that can bend and contour like INCISEON®. In short, there is no equal.


2. What makes INCISEON® better than 120 year old technology?

A. INCISEON® is BRIGHTER, SMARTER, and SAFER than neon. It contains no glass and no mercury and runs on 12v. INCISEON® can bend into complex shapes that previously only neon could. It is extremely bright (some customers require a less bright option).  It is extremely durable (we ran over it with a 10,000 lb fork lift with no breakage or deformity of shape). It is technologically advanced and is manufactured out of a variety of synthetic and natural materials (depending on application). It can emit light from 360 degrees, or from only one surface, depending on needs and limitations. INCISEON® can be made to look "hand-formed" or it can be made to a cleaner more modern look while retaining the warmth and glow of neon. In its finished form (ready to be installed), INCISEON is rigid and does not flex.

3. Is INCISEON® worry-free?

A. Yes. Say goodbye to your friendly neon-service company and that outrageous bill they charge when your neon starts hissing, flickering, or turning off. INCISEON® is completely modular and worry-free. If you are an industry professional, you will quickly realize that selling INCISEON® is vastly superior to relying on unreliable local neon benders, and provides added benefit and peace-of-mind to your clients.

4. How much money will INCISEON® save the end user?


A. Choosing INCISEON® to present your brand to the world is an investment. It is slightly more expensive than neon (depending on your location and availability to neon supplies), but it immediately saves up to 92% energy, appeases the local building codes, and makes you sleep better at night knowing you have reduced liability for the fire dangers of high voltage neon. INCISEON® literally pays for itself.

5. How much does INCISEON® cost?

A. INCISEON® is made to order in the USA by licensed manufacturers and there is no set per sq/ft or linear ft price. All pricing must be done individually based on the complexity and size of the artwork provided (much like neon). For a quote, please email info@inciseon.com

6. What is the difference between SKELETONIZED and INTEGRAL?

A. SKELETONIZED can emit light from 360 degrees. INTEGRAL emits light from one surface. INTEGRAL allows extremely bright lighted designs on substrates as thin as 3/4" (19mm) thick, and a bend radius of 3/32" (2.5mm). INTEGRAL embeds the INCISEON directly into a substrate, often reproducing the look of neon on a panel. INTEGRAL allows you to place lighted insignia that looks like neon into virtually any substrate (walls, floors, table-tops, or extremely thin sign boxes). There is nothing like it, and the capabilities are enormous. SKELETONIZED, emitting light from 360 degrees, is a direct replacement for glass tube neon. It has a bend radius of 3/16" (4.5mm) and a minimum stroke width of 1/2" (14mm). If in doubt whether your artwork will translate into INCISEON®, please send artwork to info@inciseon.com

7. Is INCISEON® safer than high voltage neon?

A: Yes. INCISEON® is extremely safe, modular, and can adapt to a wide range of applications. It is exponentially safer for the environment than glass tube neon. Available in a UL Listed and a UL Recognized component, INCISEON tubes are labeled UR or RU E494601 PATENTED, and/or tagged E494600 LOW VOLTAGE LUMINAIRE.

8. What is the light source?

A: The light source varies depending on the application, but is 12v and has a usual lifespan of 12 years of continuous use.

9. Where can INCISEON® be used?

A. Anywhere glass tube neon can and more. INCISEON® is completely waterproof and can be used in wet locations, including the side of your boat. You can touch it without the worry of electric shock or any danger. INCISEON® is both a UL Listed product and a UL recognized component.

10. How is it manufactured?

A: The process of manufacturing is protected by IP Law, however if you are interested in manufacturing INCISEON®, we can set you up with a license and all the tools and wizardry necessary to produce it in house.

11. Where is INCISEON® manufactured?

A. INCISEON® is currently manufactured in the USA, but we are accepting applications for International Licensing Agreements. INCISEON® can be shipped internationally without risk of breakage. If you are an international customer, please email your artwork and specs to info@inciseon.com for pricing.

12. Where can I purchase INCISEON®?

A: Email your artwork and specs to info@inciseon.com.

13. Can you send me literature or samples?

A. We will try to accommodate sample requests, but due to increased demand samples are in limited supply. Most of the information on INCISEON® is contained on this website. 


INCISEON® has a thorough list of trade shows that it is presented at where you can view the actual product.

15. Can you do prototypes for large runs?

A. Yes. We can do prototypes for any size project, and for projects with 100 or more ordered units of the same spec, the cost of the prototype will be reimbursed.