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Pricing, Placing an Order, and FAQs


INCISEON is a brand family of lighting and electrical products that are manufactured under license and direct supervision of the inventors and brand holders. Our lighting solutions are typically custom tailored and engineered on a per project basis, and as a result, our ordering process can seem unique. Our ordering process has been tailored to set you up for success, ease of installation, and the highest level of accuracy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can be reached 9:00am-5:00pm EST, or via email at  


Table of Contents

- The Design Process

- The Quoting Process

- The Order Process



What does the Design Process look like?

We are here every step of the way to help you successfully specify INCISEON products into your lighting or signage design. Typically, if you can design it with a neon tube, you can use our products. Reach out to us for design, mounting, electrical, or installation details. We are happy to assist you with mounting detail drawings, technical data, or custom information needed to work our products into your project. Our neon sign experience dates back to the 1930s.


What does the quoting process look like?

There are 3 stages of quotes that follow the A&D process. Design Quotes (DQ), Budget Quotes (BQ), and Working Quotes (WQ).

  1. Design Quotes (DQ)

Design Quotes (DQ) are typically sent to designers or Architects early on in the design development process when design details have not be worked out or finalized. A DQ cannot be used to place an order and pricing is for informational purposes only and will not include subcontractor markup, installation, or subcontractor overhead. Depending on the distribution channel of your project, a DQ may not be issued, and we may have to refer you to a distributor or reseller for Design Quotes.

   2. Budget Quotes (BQ)

Budget Quotes, (BQ) are sent to distributors, sign companies, or other qualified installation parties during the bidding stage and are not suitable for placing orders or writing Purchase Orders. Pricing in a BQ is subject to change, is not finalized, and is for informational purposes so that you can formulate a bid or budget estimate for your project.

   3. Working Quotes (WQ)

A WQ is sent to the purchasing party when project and order details are finalized. The WQ is processed by the Licensed Manufacturer (LM) and overseen by your INCISEON project manager or project coordinator.


A signed WQ is the first step in placing an order. We cannot enter an order without a signed WQ. The WQ is the purchasing agreement for your order.

  • The LM can reference a PO# on the invoice for convenience. However, the WQ is our guide and its quoted details, specifications, and configurations supersede any Purchase Order as well as any written or verbally communicated details.

  • As a general principle, we do not open or read any PO that you send. This helps us keep your order accurate by only having to understand one document.

  • If you attach your Purchase Order to our WQ, we will ignore it for clarity. Please ensure that your billing and shipping details are correct on the WQ. If you do not yet know your shipping details, please make sure the WQ says “TBD” in the shipping details area. This will trigger the LM to reach out to you for shipping details directly before shipping. “TBD” shipping details may delay your order.


What does the ordering process look like?

There are 4 stages of ordering: Sign and return our WQ with 50% deposit and full sized .eps art, receive our Approval Drawings (AD), Sign and return our AD, Assembly and Delivery.

  1. Sign and return our WQ with 50% deposit and full sized art

To place an order, we require a signed WQ with 50% deposit and full sized .eps art or paper rubbings. Once you sign and return the WQ, our LM will reach out to you with payment options and then send you an invoice.


   2. Receive our Approval Drawings

Once we receive your 50% deposit payment, we will begin the engineering process of your lighting system and configuration. We will provide detailed Approval Drawings showing size, design, specification of both the tubing and the power supplies for your order that you can use for submittals or A&D sign off. The lead time on this process should be confirmed with your Sales Rep or Project Coordinator.


   3. Sign and return our Approval Drawings

Once you or the A&D sign and return our Approval Drawings (AD), we will send our Approval Drawings to the LM for assembly of your order. Please note that we do not send your shop drawings or any other documents other than our signed AD to the LM. It is vital that you double check the accuracy of our AD as they are the guiding document and will from this point take precedence over the WQ, and any art or drawings that you have submitted. Should there be any cost changes between the WQ and the AD, the result will be reflected on the balance invoice.

Once you sign and return the AD, your Project Manager or Coordinator will be able to advise you of the estimated ship date.


  4. Assembly and Delivery

Once the AD is approved, we cannot make any changes without significant cost impacts. The order transfers from the INCISEON team to the LM team, and physical production of the goods are performed on the LM’s assembly line in High Point, NC. The LM will assemble the order, package it for shipping and reach out to you for final invoicing. Once they receive your final payment, they will deliver the order to the shipping company, and provide you with tracking information. Once you receive the goods, if you have any questions, please reach out to the INCISEON team.

How do I get a quote?

To get a quote, send dimensioned drawings, specifications, designs, inspirational photos, or site photos to We will typically need to know the linear footage (LF) and color of the tubing you want quoted. We will also need to know your role in the delivery and installation of our products. The pricing process begins with what we call a Budget Estimate Quote (BQ). Depending on your role in the delivery and installation of our products, when you contact us with drawings, artwork, dimensional photographs, or something else we can pull dimensions from, we will send you a BQ. BQ’s are sent for bidding purposes and are non-binding. In other words, you cannot use these to write Purchase Orders or place an order. BQ’s are sent to customers who have a loose idea of the design or products that they need.


How do I place an order?

The ordering process begins by requesting a BQ, but you cannot place an order with a BQ.

To place an order:

1) Request a Working Quote (WQ) from your INCISEON Sales Rep.
        To do this you must:
           a. Finalize your order details 
           b. Submit full sized art files
2) Sign and return the WQ within 30 days to your INCISEON Sales Rep. It is your Purchase Order and subject to the Conditions of Sale at        
3) Your INCISEON Sales Rep will turn the WQ over to The Licensed Manufacturer (LM) listed on the WQ. The LM billing team will send you an invoice for the 50% deposit directly.
4) Pay the 50% deposit


How do I pay for an order?

Once you sign and return our Working Quote (WQ), we will turn the order over to our Licensed Manufacturer (LM) to invoice you for the order. Their invoice will reference the products as being offered under License by INCISEON and the invoice will include and reference your PO#. The billing team at the LM will contact you to ask you how you wish to pay for your order. Currently the options are:

  • Scanned image of a signed check. The LM will use the scanned image of the check to find the account # and routing # and will enter this information along with the payment amount into the “echeck” field of the online payment portal.

  • eCheck – rather than sending us a scanned image of a signed check, you may enter our secure online payment portal and enter your business banking account # and routing number and check amount, and it will automatically be drafted from your account electronically. It is instant and secure and the cheapest and fastest way of paying!

  • Credit Card – Credit cards are accepted, but a 3% fee must be included, and you must contact the LM billing team to get access to an online credit card payment portal

  • ACH – Automatic Clearing House payments are accepted. Contact the LM billing team for details.

  • Paper checks are accepted, but will typically delay your order. USPS is extremely slow and will delay your order.



What happens after I place an order?

After receipt of your signed WQ and 50% deposit, your order will be processed in 4 easy steps:

1) INCISEON lighting engineers will take your art files and prepare Approval Drawings. Ask your INCISEON Sales Rep or Project  Coordinator for current Approval Drawing lead time. 
2) Once you receive the Approval Drawings, you have 48 hours to sign and return without quoted lead time impacts.
3) Signed Approval Drawings are sent to the LM and they will assemble your order, bill you for final payment, and delivery your order to the shipping company after receipt of all funds. 
4) After sales support is provided by INCISEON.

Can my company send you a Purchase Order (PO)?

It may seem unique, but the made to order industry is shifting towards sellers issuing Purchase Orders to buyers in the form of Order Forms, Working Quotes, Order Quotes, Proforma Invoices, etc. This is the current industry standard for made to order goods. Our Working Quote (WQ) is designed as a document you can send to your billing department to formulate your in-house reference documents (formerly known as POs). Our WQ will include all the information traditionally shown on a PO such as Purchasing Party information, shipping information, and PO#/ Reference# and Project Name. In other words, we no longer need your PO, as all of the information traditionally shown on a PO will now be shown on our WQ. The reasons for this procedure are numerous, but most importantly, it helps our team get your custom order correct, by only having to train them to read one standard document type instead of thousands of unique or different buyer POs. We promise this new way is to your advantage and maintains consistency, timeliness, and order accuracy. This is the way!

Can you reference our PO number on your invoice?

Absolutely. Your in-house PO# tracking is vital to your business success and we will absolutely put your PO# or Reference# on our invoices. When you are signing and returning our WQ, there is space for you to put your PO# near the signature line.


What are your lead times?

Lead times are estimated during the BQ process, and are again estimated when you receive a WQ, upon your request. Lead times depend on the size/complexity of your order and our current workload. Your estimator or Sales Rep will be able to give you estimated lead times for our Engineering/ Approval Drawings, and Assembly/ Production time frames, and any other specialty services that come with your order (wiring schematics, templates, etc.) 


If your BQ is “non-binding” how can I make sure that pricing will not change in between the time I bid and am awarded the project?

Our Budget Quotes are “non-binding” in the sense that they may not encompass the full range of configurations that you may require for your project. In our many years of experience, many details, configurations, and specifications will get ironed out between the BQ and the WQ, sometimes the WQ is much lower than the BQ, and sometimes it is higher. It really depends on the uniqueness of your project and we promise to always keep your budget in mind! Once we finalize your specifications and configuration, the WQ is issued and your project can soon begin. Any cost impact changes after the WQ are rare but are handled as Change Orders, typically reflected on the final invoice.

What is included in my order?

There are (2) categories of orders we ship:

  1. Turnkey ready for installation. By “turnkey” we typically mean that the crate can be shipped directly to your jobsite and your installers can install the lighting components, or in some cases full signs, with very little extra hardware. Typically this includes tubing that is intended for direct wall mount with wiring run thru-wall to remote power supplies, or signs that are already assembled and ready for hanging on a wall.

  2. Requires UL48 sign shop assembly. With these types of orders, our lighting components are sent to UL48 sign shops so that a sign company can assemble our lighting components into larger metal or plastic signs.

Your order typically includes all of the lighting components necessary for installation, or assembly into bigger sign components. Typically this means we will provide you with all of the lighting components such as bent tubing, power supplies, paper templates, wiring diagrams, and mounting hardware.

We can also pre-assemble your order in a UL48 sign shop and send you metal letters or signs ready for installation. Please contact us for more information!

Do you provide onsite support?

We do not do any installation or installation coordination/project management. However, if you would like us onsite for a technical advice with your installation crew on complicated or mission critical installation, we can accommodate this in certain circumstances, typically for the cost of travel and a small daily rate. Our traveling technical advisors do not do any manual labor or installation, however they can diagnose and troubleshoot software or electrical based problems in most scenarios.


Do you provide after sales product support?

Yes, we can provide technical assistance or advice remotely after your order ships for no cost. Please call us at 336-431-9999 (9:00am -5:00pm EST) or email us at


What is the difference between INCISEON and the Licensed Manufacturer that I will be purchasing the products from?

This is really what sets us apart. The INCISEON team is dedicated to the highest levels of service and customer attention. The INCISEON project management, engineering, and after sales support team will handle every aspect of your order other than billing and shipping. The INCISEON team will work with you through design, quoting, specification approvals/ shop drawings/ and production timeline. Once we receive your order, our lighting engineers will work on full specifications and Approval Drawings, and once you sign and return those, we hand those over to our Licensed Manufacturer to assemble your order. Our Licensed Manufacturer gets to focus on getting your order exact, and the INCISEON team gets to focus on the service and technical details of your order. The great thing is we operate so close with our Licensed Manufacturer, we will oversee the accuracy and timeliness of your order from start to finish, in person. In North America, our Licensed Manufacturer is located in High Point, North Carolina, and has been licensed with Underwriters Laboratories for over 35 years.

To sum up, our Licensed Manufacturer will, at our direction, bill, assemble, and ship your order, and the INCISEON team will handle design/specification consultation, quoting, engineering, Approval Drawings for submittals, technical data, and after sales support.

Our unique process is unparalled in the North American LED neon market. No one can do or is doing what we do!

Design Process
Quoting Process
Order Process
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